Location Ocean Reef, Western Australia
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Reiki Master Training

Learn to be a Reiki Master

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Course Content

  • Revision of Reiki I and Reiki II teachings including Reiki hand positions, distance healing and Reiki II symbols.
  • Introduction to the sacred Reiki Master symbol.
  • Attunement to Reiki Master level.
  • Instructions on how to attune students to Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master levels.
  • Learn about what happens after the Reiki Master Course over the next 21 days.
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Life in Harmony WA bigstock-Calm-woman-receiving-reiki-tre-89372405-copy Reiki Master Training

What You will Receive

  • Reiki Master Symbol.
  • Activation to the sacred Reiki Master Symbol. 
  • Learn 2 additional non-traditional symbols and their application.
  • Hands on practise.
  • Reiki Master Course booklet
  • The confidence and knowledge to become a Reiki Master.
  • Reiki Master Certificate

About Tracy

Reiki Master Tracy King uniquely links science and spirituality through her professional scientific background and personal wellness services that include Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counsel and specially formulated products to help the transformation and alignment of a person’s Mind Body and Spirit.

Tracy teaches all three degrees of Reiki (Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master). In all of these courses, the training is deliberately conducted in small groups (4-6 students) to allow for your personalised attention so that you can become confident with the hand positions and experiencing the Reiki energy flow for your own healing and for the healing of others.


Reiki Master Training is conducted on a Saturday for ONE FULL DAY.

2022/2023 Dates:       

  • Saturday 5th November 2022
  • Saturday 4th March 2023
  • Saturday 6th May 2023
  • Saturday 1st July 2023
  • Saturday 2nd September 2023
  • Saturday 4th November 2023

Time: 8.45 am – 6.30 pm (arrive 8.30 am)


  • Please bring your own pillow and a light blanket to keep you comfortable
  • Please bring your own lunch (fridge and microwave facilities are available)
  • Light snacks together with herbal teas and coffee will be provided
  • Please bring an open mind to feel and work with energy healing


Mooring Crescent, Ocean Reef

Parking is available along the property and Mooring Crescent driveway.