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Reiki Re-attunements

Reiki Re-attunements

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Reiki Master Tracy King now offers Reiki Re-attunements for those who have previously completed Reiki I and/or Reiki II to reconnect you to the beautiful and powerful Reiki healing energy and the reconnection with your wonderful Reiki Healing Guides.

  • Do you feel that life has taken over and that you have lost the deep connection that you once felt with Reiki?
  • Do you feel that you need to re-energize your love for Reiki?
  • Do you feel that the Reiki energy flow isn’t as strong as it used to be?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, perhaps having a Reiki re-attunement will be the key to reigniting your love and joy of Reiki.

Once a Reiki Master has attuned you to Reiki you are always connected. However if you haven’t used Reiki for a long time you may feel that there is now a disconnection to the Reiki energy.

Think of it much like servicing a vehicle. You are the vehicle that the Reiki energy needs to flow through. If your channels become blocked through negative thoughts or experiences that have built up through not using Reiki, perhaps it would be worthwhile to consider ways of clearing this. Actions that you can take include the use of a Reiki re-attunement, regular Reiki self-treatments and mindfulness meditation.

Please note; this is not a full Reiki course. Each Reiki Master teaches differently and the resources that you would have received from your Reiki Master when you were first attuned are unique to their teaching of Reiki. Refer back to those resources to relearn the different hand positions and Reiki symbols.

Reiki I Re-attunement

(Allow 60 minutes for the four re-attunements)

$ 90.00

Reiki II Re-attunement

(Allow 90 minutes for the for the four Reiki I reattunements plus the Reiki II re-attunement)

$ 100.00