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Learn to Let Go

Life in Harmony WA People-will-forget-what-you-said-150x150 Learn to Let Go

  I have always loved this quote. I have it displayed in my work area as a reminder of how our interactions with one another can have an impact on someone else’s life either positively or negatively. As a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, I meet with clients who struggle with emotional issues that have stemmed from the actions (or…

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Help for Carers of loved ones addicted to drugs

Life in Harmony WA pexels-photo-568027-1-150x150 Help for Carers of loved ones addicted to drugs

Watching a loved one spiral out of control through their addiction to drugs is emotionally and physically draining. Relationship breakdowns with other family members is not uncommon and the reality is that this could continue for months or even years. Learn to take back Control. That’s right. You have it within you to control how you react and when…

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