Kite Meditation

Life in Harmony WA Kite_small-1 Kite Meditation

Try this technique if you have problems sitting quietly during meditation. It focuses on your out-breath as the pivot to lead to a deeper relaxed state.

Before starting There are three things that you need to be aware of.

The first is the awareness of your breath. I’m talking about being able to feel the in-breath and the out-breath in your body.

The second is awareness that your out-breath is longer than the in-breath. Try it. Allow your breathing to be as natural as possible and follow the in, out and pauses in between.

The third is imagining a kite with a long tail. If you are stuck for design ideas the one pictured is perfect. It has a design that has been tried and tested, and who doesn’t love ribbons on the tail?

This kite is super strong, it doesn’t need string to guide it and it can easily carry you on it’s tail.

Okay, let us get into the Kite meditation.


Part 1: Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and spend 5 minutes to state your intention, request healing for yourself and others, and anything else you can think of. I think of this as the purging step where I mentally release whatever I wanted to say or pray about. Using these 5 minutes gets whatever it is off your chest so you can start Part 2, which is your meditation.

Part 2: With your eyes still closed, begin to have the awareness of your breath. Try not to force anything. Just have an awareness of your in-breath and your out-breath and the pauses. After a few minutes you will have settled into a pattern that feels comfortable.

Now imagine your kite with the long tail in your mind’s eye. It is floating in the air waiting for you. On your out-breath, imagine that this is your gentle push to move the kite. Use your natural out-breath. There is no forcing or counting involved. Okay, during the rest of your exhale imagine that you are being carried on the tail of the kite.

If you look at the design of your kite, the body of the kite takes the initial exhale, but the remainder of your exhale travels down to the tip of the tail. Have a practice and in your mind’s eye watch how the kite travels in the air.

You will find as you get comfortable with the exercise, that your breath exhales become longer. You kite’s journey is constantly moving in whichever direction it feels drawn to. Much like a bird flying and gliding with the air currents, you are doing the same with your kite. Notice what you feel as your senses start to expand with each exhale …..

When you are ready, return back to Earth. Notice how different you feel. Know that your kite is always ready when you are for your next meditation journey.

Note from Tracy (Life in Harmony WA):

I wrote this because I hear from people that they find it difficult to just step aside and let go

during their meditations especially when they are doing trance work. It may be because they are

forcing themselves to do something that doesn’t come naturally to them. When you control the

breath too much (such as by using counting eg. in-breath for 4 counts and out-breath for 8

counts) it can create a sense of panic in the body. Instead of relaxing, your mind and body is

edging towards the fight or flight response, tensing your muscles and lowering your blood

oxygen levels.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to show that slower breathing has a beneficial effect on a

healthy person. Check out the links below.