Light Language

Life in Harmony WA pexels-snapwire-32237-2-2 Light Language

My first impression of Light Language was that it was a mass of sounds that someone made up.

The only thing that I could compare it to (at the time) was that it was a sophisticated version of a

made up language that most children speak with their best friend so that other children (or even

better the adults) didn’t understand them.

Fast-forward many years later (and many life lessons), I listened again to Light Language and it

sounded absolutely beautiful. It spoke to my Soul and my heart, and it filled me with LOVE. I didn’t

need to know what was being ‘said’ or what every sound meant, I understood and accepted it as

it was.

The inquisitive will want to know more such as where is it from? Is it Pleiadian or another star

system, or is it a multidimensional communication tool? Is that our human mind wanting to put a

name to something so it makes sense? It takes a big leap of faith to accept things as they are

doesn’t it.

My feeling is that there are as many dialects or inflections of speech in Light Language as there

are of languages on our Planet. Although each person transmitting Light Language may sound

different, the message to the Soul will be understood and it will make perfect sense. It is the

Language of the Soul. I know mine soars when I speak Light Language and my Crown Chakra

opens up to Source. It feels absolutely beautiful.

The Light Language I transmit is Dragon. I see and feel Dragons around me and watch them use

these transmissions and frequencies to activate areas on our Planet to help it to heal.

I have used it to transmit healing to others with wonderful reactions of tears and joy.

To listen to a Light Language transmission for clearing and healing, check out my new YouTube Channel.

Listen and ‘feel’ it in your Soul.