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Reiki 2 Training





During the Reiki II Training you will learn about and become attuned to the sacred Reiki healing symbols.


You will learn how to use Reiki for distant healing and build your sensitivity and connection with the Reiki energy.


You will be given information on how to set up your own Reiki healing practice together with ethical considerations.



  1. Usui Reiki I certification (students trained and attuned in person – not online).




Reiki II Training is the second step on your Reiki journey.


This course is held over one full day. Guided and supported by Reiki Master Tracy King.


Additional information

Training Dates

Saturday 10th February 2024, Saturday 20th April 2024, Saturday 29th June 2024, Saturday 7th September 2024, Saturday 16th November 2024


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