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Dragon Light Language Transmission for Decision-making

Feeling somewhat frustrated with what is happening around you and wanting some kind of direction? This is what I channeled. I hope that it helps others as much as it helped me. Connect with the Spirit Collective with this channelling and feel their guidance. In this channeled message you will experience a beautiful transmission of love that incorporates Dragon Light Language to raise your frequency and vibration. Allow the powerful words and vibration to open your heart and feel the clarity of choice that has been given to you. A channeled message from the Collective to the meditative music of

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Transmission of Love with Dragon Light Language

Now is the time to activate greater love, joy, and trust within. Understand the power of your words and anchor and embody love to bless and benefit all humankind. In this channelled message you will experience a beautiful transmission of love that incorporates Dragon Light Language to raise your frequency and vibration. As you listen, simply allow love to blossom from within your awakened heart centre (your heart chakra). Step into truly living in alignment with the light of love. A channelled message from the Collective to the meditative music of Thaddeus. Open Your Heart Chakra

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Light Language

My first impression of Light Language was that it was a mass of sounds that someone made up. The only thing that I could compare it to (at the time) was that it was a sophisticated version of a made up language that most children speak with their best friend so that other children (or even better the adults) didn’t understand them. Fast-forward many years later (and many life lessons), I listened again to Light Language and it sounded absolutely beautiful. It spoke to my Soul and my heart, and it filled me with LOVE. I didn’t need to know

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Kite Meditation

Try this technique if you have problems sitting quietly during meditation. It focuses on your out-breath as the pivot to lead to a deeper relaxed state. Before starting There are three things that you need to be aware of. The first is the awareness of your breath. I’m talking about being able to feel the in-breath and the out-breath in your body. The second is awareness that your out-breath is longer than the in-breath. Try it. Allow your breathing to be as natural as possible and follow the in, out and pauses in between. The third is imagining a kite

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Experts reveal hand sanitiser flaws

In an article in today’s Perth Now (see this link) it was revealed that some hand sanitisers currently on the market were making false claims about their alcohol content. A well known retailer was selling hand sanitiser labelled as 70% alcohol, but when tested it was found that it contained only 23% alcohol. Any formulation containing less than 60% alcohol content is not effective to kill bacteria. It also reported that some chemical hand sanitisers contained ingredients that could be toxic and could cause skin irritation. People need to be aware of what they are putting on their skin especially

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Understand your reaction to COVID-19

We are now in the midst of COVID-19 and we are all experiencing unprecedented changes in the way we socialise and go about our day to day business. For many this has been a very stressful time. Fear and anxiety of the unknown are common reactions. Understand that what you are experiencing is absolutely normal. You are doing the best you can using the tools you are familiar with that you gathered from your life experiences. As time goes on your mind and body will adjust to this new normality. Learn now to slow down your thought processes and breathe

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Hand Sanitiser

Life in Harmony WA in Perth has limited supplies of alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Packaged in a travel sized 50 mL bottle they are ideal to carry around in your bag or gift to family and friends.  The hand sanitiser has 70% ethanol and a refreshing lavender fragrance from the addition of lavender essential oil. Ingredients: Alcohol, Aqua, Propanediol, Acrylates/C10-C30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Lavandula Augustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Aminomethyl Propanol I hope you love this hand sanitiser gel as much as I do. Sorry no international orders due to shipping restrictions.

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Support for Parents and Carers

I’m pleased to have been part of the Mental Health Commission’s volunteer Parent and Family Drug Support network in WA for the last two years.  These Groups are held all around Perth and are a fantastic resource for parents and family members who have loved ones addicted to drugs or alcohol. Support Groups are invaluable for helping carers find emotional support and to learn coping strategies to help them manage their situation.  If you know of anyone struggling to cope with their loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction please ask them to call the Parent and Family Drug Support Line

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Learn to Let Go

I have always loved this quote. I have it displayed in my work area as a reminder of how our interactions with one another can have an impact on someone else’s life either positively or negatively. As a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, I meet with clients who struggle with emotional issues that have stemmed from the actions (or in-actions) of others. Some of these issues they have carried within for many years and can’t let go of. It has been wonderful to see the changes in their lives when they learn to release that old ‘stuck’ energy and move on

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